History at the Library Chapter 7

It was easier said than written. However, Vivian’s pride didn’t allow her to say anymore than that – the pride as the first author of erotic novels! If he said even one more word about how she would know about the matters of sex when she had no experience, then she might have unconsciously let her fist fly into his face.

“Do you need help? I surveyed many aristocratic ladies and madams on the needs of our readers when it comes to erotica as the boss of the industry’s top publishing company, in order to prevent even a fault from appearing in our reputation. Of course, through the conversation of our bodies…….”

“I don’t care if you play around, but can you not dirty my novels please?”

It was one thing to cajole with aristocratic ladies, but to coax married women. Vivian sighed.  For a moment, she wondered how much she would receive if she reported him to the Guards for sin of corrupting public morals.

“So, at least date. I think you understand well enough what I am referring to.”

With that said, he smiled like a fox.


Vivian frowned as she recalled the absurd incident. Afterwards, she suffered from writer’s block, and since she didn’t have the audacity to grab a passerby and confess her love, she had nothing to do but throw all her energy into her work as the night librarian.

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It was during this period that she had found them. Vivian loudly shouted Eureka to herself. It was as if the God of Writing Materials and the God of Eroticism had come down and blessed her.

The hand waltzed across the paper boldly, writing out an imitation of the couple’s sexual intercourse. Vivian’s violet eyes sparkled like a predator in the dark.

The location is good…….

In an empty library, the couple shared their skin despite knowing that someone might see them at the height of their pleasure.  Right, these could be the stimulants that her novels were missing.

It was when Vivian was going over her faults and considering how to overcome them when she heard a “Hmm?”

That slender form appeared familiar.

The woman had ivory skin, blonde hair, a slender figure, and a status of  – at least – an aristocrat.

Vivian tilted her head. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she was acquainted with the silhouette of the side profile, that was lit up by the moonlight.

But in the end, Vivian passed over it as a mere coincidence. There were many blonde aristocratic ladies. If one attended a party, the first lady you would meet within the first 3 seconds would be a blonde beauty. She must have briefly passed by one of those many beauties.

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