History at the Library Chapter 4

He swept up his blonde hair and let loose a long list of praises for Vivian. The reason for the little patience he had left was due to the fact that the once near-bankrupt Malicornia Publishing Company was able to build an office in the capital – all thanks to her.

“However, don’t you think it would be troubling if the fourth novel is like this? There is nothing here that would add to the plot and development of the novel and it hasn’t even fully developed as an ‘erotic novel.’”

“The true nature of an erotic novel is not the ‘actions’, but the ‘sensuality’, you know?”

“What you’re saying is correct, but I don’t think it’s something you should be saying…….”

“Why? Why can’t I say that!?!”

Thatcher put on a sour face for a moment and shook his head as if telling her to forget it.

“The romance genre, which many young aristocratic ladies enjoy, is always generating more famous authors as if pouring out water. By writing erotic novels, you were aiming for a new and different market and audience.”

She was irritated that Thatcher was saying all the right things. Vivian pushed down her wounded pride and quietly muttered.

“You dare to debate eroticism in front of me…….”

In this world, before Perdi appeared like a shooting star, erotic novels, in other words ‘a novel that combined romance and eros’, did not exist.

Of course, prior to Perdi, there were novels that dealt with lust. However, it was a novel focused on the deed rather than the emotion of love. The kind of lewd novel only drew the images of the relationship and no more.

Thus, the concept of an ‘erotic novel’ was made entirely for the first time by Vivian, who went by the moniker of Perdi. As the creator of a new genre of novels, it was a feat so great that it could be written into the pages of history.

Of course, it was not merely luck and skill that made erotic novels so popular. It was because Vivian caught onto the changes in trends well.

In the last several hundred years, monarchy took its place in the world, and as religious reformations arose, orthodox religious establishments steadily lost their power. The witch hunt was entirely scrapped. In the midst of it all, religious messages from the temple like ‘the sin of chasing after pleasure’ or ‘since women were more easily swayed by the Devil than men, celibacy was the only salvation’ were all declared nonsensical.

As such, even in a deeply rooted male-dominated society like the Astia Empire, a new wind began to blow. Once not even considered as a human being, but rather as property, the status and authority of women quickly rose. Now it was standard that aristocratic ladies were able to read and write. Not only that, more opportunities were given to commoners and establishments that were built to teach children to write, also grew in number.

In pace with these changes in trends, Vivian published a novel aimed for an audience of adult women and immediately made immense monetary gains. She had become part of a new wealthy class that had no precedence and had amassed more than enough wealth to do nothing else but play and eat for the rest of her life!

As a result, Thatcher’s conduct of the debate on ‘eroticism’ in front of the creator of erotic novels was inevitably shocking.

However, Thatcher rebutted shamelessly. And he did so with hard facts that stabbed the sensitive topics.

“Up till now, the quality of sex scenes are alike. Even though it’s an erotic novel.”


“There isn’t even jack shit of sexual tension.”

“Ah! As if there isn’t even a jack shit!”

“To put it harshly, it isn’t arousing at all!”

It’s easier said than put!

Vivian’s blood pressure rose in anger, but she was unable to rebut Thatcher’s criticism. To be honest, she herself also agreed with him.

However, she still felt wronged.

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