History at the Library Chapter 2

Chapter 2- History at the Library (2)

Oh my. Vivian let out a soundless exclamation as her thoughts raced. How did she shed her dress in public when it was unknown who and when someone might find them? Besides, it was probably quite difficult to undress herself. In any case, they didn’t appear to be people of ordinary brazenness. They were here because either they were blind with lust or they didn’t care if they were found.

To be honest, it didn’t matter which of the two they were. Right now, right here, she was nothing more or less than a student burning with the passion to study.

Vivian took out her small, portable notebook and pen tip that she always carried around. She also took out an ink bottle and crouched on the floor. 

The Maestro of Erotic Novels, ‘Perdi’.

An author whose fame was so large that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there would not be a person within the Astia Empire who had not seen his novels. No one would have guessed, let alone know, that the ‘Perdi’, whose entire background, save for his pen name, was veiled in secrecy, would actually be the Royal Palace’s night librarian Vivian.

She, too, had no intention of ever letting her identity become public.

And now, this ‘Perdi’ would not stay still like a sack of wheat in front of a scene such as this one. Vivian held up the pen tip with an expression that suggested she wanted to hum a melody. She dipped it in ink and let it race across the pages.

‘How timely.’

Scritch. Scritch. A small sound that did not reach those two resounded through the library.

An author through and through, Vivian, who would turn twenty-four this year, would turn even the small talk between her acquaintances and herself into material for her novels.

‘This seems like it would turn into a great scene.’

Vivian’s eyes came together to further scrutinize the scene beyond the small hole.

She had thought the woman would simply ride on top of the man unyieldingly, but to be more accurate, the man, who laid underneath, was pumping his hips upwards. It was with a force so strong that she could hear the wet sounds between them, and the thrusting grew increasingly fast.

In any case, it appeared the woman tended to be more passive in sexual matters. Or perhaps the man was forcing himself on the woman without consideration of her opinions.

‘Perhaps it’s both?’

It could clearly be seen that the big hands that firmly held onto the woman’s hips were controlling the movement up and down.

“Hah, ha! Ha, n, no!”

“Ha, you don’t like it?”

For a second, the man’s movements stopped abruptly. At the same time, the woman let out a small ‘haa’, spilling out a long moan as her shoulders started to tremble. Apparently, as the man had come to a stop, he had stimulated her sensitive spots before coming to a stop. Vivian believed the woman’s tears were spilling down one by one from her cheek onto the man’s firm abdomen.

“Your top is rejecting me, but your bottom is holding me tightly and seems to have no thought of letting go. What are you telling me to do?”


Smack! Once the man brought down the woman’s hips while thrusting, the woman let out a coquettish moan and her body shivered. After that, the loud sounds of thrusting echoed throughout the inside of the library, and at every thrust, the woman’s seductive moans grew louder.

“Tell me that you don’t like it now.”


“You should tell me what you really want. I’ll stop if you want me to.”

The man acted as if he was being generous, but he definitely didn’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. Vivian didn’t know why, but she didn’t say no. Instead, she didn’t appear to have the freedom to speak with how hard she was gasping for air.

Besides, from the actions just now, it appeared the woman had clamped down as the man was impatiently thrust his hips forward with even more force.

“Ha, I feel like I’m going crazy.”

The man’s breathing also grew rough.

“I brought it all upon myself.”

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