Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts Chapter 5

However, Molitia’s body raised in his arm was so light. She felt like she would blow up in the wind, so she gave strength to her hands and hugged him.

“I’ll do what you want inside, so be gentle.” (Molitia)

“… Oh, I see.” (The man)

He remained silent in his words, and only then took steps. It was not uncommon for a room to be arranged at a banquet.

There were always rooms where people who drank too much could rest for a while. And it wasn’t that hard to rent a room at a grand mansion that was holding a banquet.

It was easier to rent a place for Molitia, who was known for her illness. When Molitia’s face was recognized, she was quickly ushered into a room.

As soon as the door of a dark yet well-prepared guest room closed, the man’s lips were rapidly searched for hers, and Molitia’s firmly closed lips felt a slippery tongue come in her mouth.

“Yes…” (Molitia)

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She held onto him with her small hand and pushed him on the shoulder; however, he pulled her hand back. And Molitia, who was still in one arm, had no choice but to be constrained. The more she pushed him out, the more he pressed her against the wall.

As soon as the button on her back was pulled down, the loose clothes came down and gently exposed her body.

The white skin, reflected in the moonlight, entered his eyes. As the moonlight poured over his swollen chest, his lips slid down towards her peaks as if drunk.

“Wait, a minute…!” (Molitia)

Her back stiffened with the chilly sensation on her chest. It was a shock to her, who had felt only the hands of the indifferent servants.  Molitia’s lower stomach felt numb as the man’s tongue teased her chest.

This different sensation made her body shudder.

When a man’s hand touches a woman’s body, they say it is delicate and soft, as if touching a petal which differed completely from his touch on her body. Far from being delicate, his touch tried to eat Molitia.

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