Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts Chapter 4

“So?” he asked. 

“It’s my life, and I’ve never decided anything. Maybe if I marry like this, I won’t be able to die in peace, so I want to give my first time to the person I choose,” said Molitia. 

“Even if you don’t know who he is?” 

“If I have to give it to someone I don’t know anyway, at least this way it’ll be someone I picked,” she replied. 

He burst out laughing at Molitia’s remark. He gave the woman a tantalizing smile and squeezed her shoulder, at which her body trembled slightly because his hand was as hard as it had been when he had held her waist.

“If that’s how you feel, then there’s no reason for me to refuse anymore,” he said. His shadow covered Molitia. The hand that stroked her shoulder drifted across her soft cheek, “Actually, it’s a tempting proposition for me.”

“What –” said Molitia.

Before she could finish her words, his lips covered hers.  Just like before, his tongue moved in her mouth, so vigorously that he could hear the sound of their saliva. Molitia’s hands strengthened their grip on him, and her usually pale lips glowed red with her fiery breath.

He locked her in his arms with more force, then obediently stopped and let her go.

 “Hah . . .” murmured Molitia, her chest rising and falling quickly. 

To Molitia, who had been trapped in the house and had only learned about sex from a book, the deep kiss was a shock. She didn’t know what to do, so she pulled back, but his hands stopped her.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Well, this place is a little . . .” Molitia trailed off.

“Aren’t you the one who asked me to do it here?” said the man.

“What?” asked Molitia. “I said it was my first time.” 

He never thought her innocent eyes would make him smile. He looked over her extravagant dress, which was decorated with dense embroidery and revealed her figure. 

“It wouldn’t be bad to stay outdoors for your first time. You’d find it unforgettable.”

 “I beg your pardon?” an embarrassed Molitia screamed softly. She couldn’t believe she’d do it in a place like this. No matter how thick the curtains that covered the banqueting hall were, it was still public. Thinking about someone seeing her from the garden below or coming out onto the terrace, her complexion turned whiter.

 “I can’t do that. But if we go to a room –” said Molitia.

“I can’t, because you’ve made me hot,” interrupted the man. He held her hand and made her touch his body. When she felt a huge, foreign object, her body stiffened.

‘What’s that?’ she exclaimed. The size of it was so different to her imagination; it seemed like he had a stick in his pocket. Even though she had nothing to compare it with in the first place, the book hadn’t said it was this big!

“Look how you’ve got me fired up.”

“Now wait a minute!” The embarrassed Molitia tried to pull back, but she was blocked against the railing and couldn’t move.

“If you are concerned about other people’s eyes, then don’t worry. Everyone saw that I came out here, so they won’t dare to follow,” he said.

She didn’t know what he was talking about, but it differed completely from what she was thinking about. The man laughed when he looked at the embarrassed Molitia. He felt she was cute. 

“Are you scared to do it outdoors?” he asked.

 “That’s . . .” Molitia trailed off. She couldn’t say what she was thinking. While touching it, she had wondered if such a big thing could even enter her. It wasn’t like she could ask him to reduce the size of it. Her unspeakable frustration lingered. 

“I can’t help it,” said the man.

“Ahhhh!” He hugged her helplessly, and the frightened Molitia recklessly grabbed him by the neck. When his flesh, a little hot compared to her cold skin, touched hers, Molitia’s body stiffened. 

Meanwhile, his face showed shock at Molitia’s weight. Was she this light? She should have been heavier, especially with such a fancy dress on. However, when he lifted her in his arms, her body was so light that he felt like she would blow away in the wind. Molitia strengthened her grip and hugged him.

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